Time magazine

The Sexual Assault Crisis on American Campuses (PDF)
How High Is Your XQ?: Your next job might depend on it (PDF)
The Drug Threat in Plain Sight: Sold openly in stores, popular with kids and unpredictably dangerous, synthetic pot is just around the corner (PDF)
Thinking Outside the Can: CEO Denise Morrison is reinventing Campbell's (PDF)
Edith Windsor: The Unlikely Activist (2013 Person of the Year runner-up) (PDF)
The Original Genius Bar: With money tight for scientific research, the Institute for Advanced Study offers big brains a priceless draw: freedom (PDF)
This Is Not a Cigarette: Electronic cigarettes could save lives — or hook a new generation on nicotine (PDF)
Driving While High: Deadly crashes involving pot are on the rise. But stopping stoned drivers won't be easy (PDF)
Wage Warrior: President Obama wants to raise the minimum wage. It's Richard Berman's job to stop him (PDF)

The New Republic

Transitions: What will it take for America to accept transgender people for who they really are? (PDF)
The Collector: Did a famed connoisseur of political memorabilia commit an audacious crime? (PDF)